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Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the BeastMaster? Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers? If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.

William Lundigan and Armando Silvestre in The White Orchid (1954)



Brian Kerwin and Buddy Ebsen in The Paradise Connection (1979)


Buster Crabbe and John Cason in Outlaws of the Plains (1946)


Kurt Russell and M.C. Gainey in Breakdown (1997)


Eoin Macken in La Brea "Fire Storm"


Ken Olandt and another actor in 18 Wheels of Justice "Triple Play"


Ashton Kutcher and Michael Madsen in My Boss's Daughter (2003)


Jim Davis and Robert Brubaker in Daniel Boone "River Passage"


Rory Calhoun in The Texan "Badman"


Miguel Angel Caballero in Sleeping Dogs Lie (2018)


Casper Van Dien and another actor in The Warrant (2020)



Alan Ritchson and Shaun Sipos in Reacher "Fly Boy"


Brad Siciliano and another actor in Paradise Lost "High Stakes in Bonanza"


Christian Kane and John Harlan Kim in The Librarians "And the Eternal Question"

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Guys in Trouble


Ben Murphy - "They Aren't Paying Me Enough for This Shit"
Ben Murphy has said in interviews that he hated being tied up all the time on Alias Smith and Jones. This may not be exactly how shooting went, but it's fun to imagine it.

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